Ashley Madison Clients Stupidly Used Work Email


Thousands of Ashley Madison customers used their work email address to manage their cheater accounts, according to The Associated Press. 

Who would be stupid enough to do that?

Well, 15,000 military and government personnel-that’s who! The AP traced the leaked Madison accounts and learned their customers included employees of the White House, congress and law enforcement agencies. 

There were two assistant U.S. Attorneys, an information technology administrator at the Executive Office of the President, a division chief, an investigator, a trial attorney in the Justice Department, a government hacker at Homeland Security Department (boy that one had to hurt) and another DHS employee on the U.S. counterterrorism response team.

While few actually paid for their services using their work accounts, they did use their internet connections allowing AP to review their credit card transactions leading to identification. 

What the heck were these guys thinking? For the full article go to

The Secret Lives of Costa Rica’s Chocolate Farmers.

An old dug-out wooden canoe waited for me on the banks of Yorkin River. Two cowboy-like young boys, dressed in vests and gum boots, greeted me with wide smiles and is-be-shkena. Dusk was fast approaching, so I had little time to voice my apprehensions. For an hour, we manoeuvred rapids upriver with an old motor and a wooden stick, slowing […]

Jennifer Beals Petitions Dollars Stores To Phase Out Toxic Chemicals

Actress and mom, Jennifer Beals, uses to challenge all Dollar stores to phase out toxic chemicals and to stop exposing their children, customers and employees to unnecessary risks.

Beals said a new report found at least one toxic chemical in nearly every product at Dollar stores. Chemicals linked to learning disabilities, brain development, cancer and other serious illnesses.

This is not simply a toxic chemical issue, it’s a social justice issue, said Beals

Dollar stores often serve low-income neighborhoods as well as seniors on a budget. Beals said her family shopped at Dollar stores when she was a child because they didn’t have enough money to go elsewhere.

I can’t imagine my child being exposed to such terrible chemicals at such a young age because companies are not standing behind their responsibility to protect consumers, she said.

I reached out to Dollar stores listed in the petition and requested a response, but I have yet to hear from any of them. If I do, I’ll let you know. I did, however, go to their corporate websites.

As part of this commitment we seek to ensure that the sourcing of all of our products and services is performed in compliance with the highest legal and ethical standards of social responsibility. We are committed to continuing to evolve our standards and practices to insure the highest standards are being met in rapidly changing global economy.-Family Dollar

Part of the value we strive to provide is the assurance that our business is being run the right way; that we are following best practices; that we conduct all aspects of the business with honest, integrity and respect; and that we are good stewards of the environment.-Dollar Tree

Did you know Dollar stores have a combined sales of 36 billion dollars and operate more stores than Walmart?

If you’d like to sign the petition go to

Hillary Clinton Participates In Her First Facebook Q&A


Image Hillary Clinton/Facebook

Hillary Clinton hosted her first Facebook Q&A yesterday drawing in some 4500 comments and questions. She opened the chat by inviting friends to ask questions about how we can raise incomes for American families. 

Questions and comments were all over the place, but nonetheless interesting. I loved that it all seemed very casual. Everyone simply called her, Hillary. 

Laurie B asked

Senator Mitch McConnell said about you today; “The gender card alone is not enough.” How do you respond to an attack like that?

Hillary’s response;

Wow. If that’s what he said, Mitch McConnell really doesn’t get it. There is a gender card being played in this campaign. It’s played every time Republicans vote against giving women equal pay, deny families access to affordable childcare or family leave, refuse to let women make decisions about their health or have access to free contraception. These aren’t just women’s issues, they are economic issues that drive growth and affect all Americans. Anyone who doesn’t get that doesn’t understand what our lives are like.-H

Antoinnette P. asked

Hillary, this will be my daughters first time voting for president what will you say to her and all first-time voters to inspire them to come out and vote and to let them know not to lose hope in this great country of ours. Certainly things do not look too bright these days.

Hillary said

Antoinnette-thank you for asking this question, because every election has to be about the future. And this is about your daughter’s prospects for making the most out of her own life here in our country. I believe it’s important to vote because I don’t want to leave voting to those with whom I disagree-whether it’s about LGBT rights, climate change, student debt, or any other important issue. If you don’t vote, you empower people who do vote who you don’t agree with. I’m running a campaign that would be best for young people like your daughter, my daughter and granddaughter, to have a strong economy, tolerant, inclusive society, and a country that lives up to our highest values. So I hope I can earn both your vote and her vote. I will be doing everything I can to make that happen.-H

A young Madison posted

Yassssssssss Hillary! Respectfully though, thank you, Secretary Clinton, for being a champion for our young people. You have my vote for your reelection campaign when I can vote in 2020.

Kathy N. said

Hillary. You just want government in everything! So very scary. Why should government decide what company’s should pay their employees? Doesn’t that employee have the choice and freedom to work elsewhere and if necessary, better themselves by learning a trade or further their own education?

Stanford T. said

Hillary, I would vote for a woman, but it sure as HE double hockey sticks will not be YOU. Remember Benghazi and Hillary’s Cold War reset, all of the Clinton under the table deals, and the fact that Bill is a world-class sexual predator that she enables.

Ouch! That had to hurt. No woman wants to hear her husband called a “Predator.” And Warren G. did a little name calling himself below,

Gee Hillary, you should say that same reply to the girl in the rape case that you handled years ago. Yes you got your client off, and then made a mockery of the girl. Nice workyou evil and wicked cockroach.

I have to admit, I didn’t know too much about this case, but it happened in 1975. You can learn more about it  HERE and HERE.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts as long as we keep it respectful, of course! 
Image HillaryClinton/Facebook

Whoopi Goldberg Sings A Different Tune Regarding Bill Cosby


The View cohost, Whoopi Goldberg, has been a constant defender of actor and comedian, Bill Cosby, ever since we first got wind of the rape allegations made against him.

In some instances I found Goldberg to be flat out offensive when voicing her disbelief.

When speaking about Cosby victim, Barbara Bowman, Goldberg said 

“Perhaps the police might have believed it, or the hospital. Don’t you do a kit when you say someone has raped you?”

Demonstrating her sympathy  for Cosby she also added

“I know we all have friends who have gone through this.”

Today on The View, Goldberg sang a different tune saying

“If this is to be tried in the court of public opinion, I gotta say all of the information that’s out there, kinda points to guilt.”

While Goldberg deserves a round of applause for her willingness to reconsider the evidence, I have to assume executives probably came to the realization that Cosby is on a sinking ship. And no one wants to be on that ship.

Do you have friends who have gone through this?