Is the kitchen a window to a woman’s soul?

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I once read somewhere that the kitchen is a window to a woman’s soul. If that’s true, what those botched cookies say about me is offensive (laugh).

Despite my efforts to create distance between me and the ‘perfection trap,’ when I recently flubbed some chocolate chip cookies, I found myself acting like a mad Betty Crocker.

I blamed the oven. The ingredients. The humidity. I kept reminding everyone that I  really could cook. I even cited the last time I baked them and how beautifully they came out.

But that wasn’t enough. I tried to get my husband to confirm that I had baked them ‘perfectly’ many times before.


Because on a subconscious level, I don’t want to be labeled poorly. I don’t want anyone peering into “the kitchen window of my soul” and seeing a mess, do you?

The odds are, you can relate.

Without a thought, I walked over to the trash intending to toss the cookies and start over. And that’s when it hit me that I had fallen off the perfection wagon. I wanted my guests to believe that I don’t make mistakes.

While I am a good cook and baker, I didn’t get that way without blowing some recipes. And as you can see, I still have bad days. So did our mother’s and grandmother’s. That’s why generational recipes are so good-someone has already worked the kinks out for us.

Instead of starting over I plated the cookies, served vanilla ice cream and told everyone they could eat them or move on.

The truth is, most chose to pass on the cookies. But for the first time in my life, I was okay with it. I didn’t obsess over it or get my feelings hurt when the cookies were still there. It was freeing!

Maybe it’s just me, but I think those ruined cookies look just as beautiful on that white plate as perfectly cooked ones.

End of post.

Do you think the kitchen is a window to a woman’ soul?


Healthy, quick, citrus grilled chicken tenders

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Hello, friends. Today I’m sharing one of favorite ‘fast food’ meals with you; my citrus grilled chicken! By “fast food” I mean quick, easy and nutritious. Now, you may be thinking since summer is nearing its end it’s just about time to hibernate that grill.

But let’s not be so hasty. 

When I was growing up my dad grilled all year long–every other weekend or so. Like my dad, I grill whenever I want.

I’ve even been known to grill in the morning while getting ready for my day. I should say, however, I am using a gas grill. To me, that’s like cooking on an outdoor stove. Do whatever works for you but my point is; there should be no rules for grilling.

This chicken dish is versatile making it a good recipe when trying to please the whole family. You can eat it with baked potatoes, baked beans, veggies (or fries for the kiddos). You can dice it up and throw it on some rice, on a salad or wrap it in a tortilla. I always keep a bottle of ranch dressing around for the nieces and nephews.

I can’t imagine this quick meal won’t become a fast fave in your house too, especially for you busy moms.

FYI This is a great dish for a cancer fighter. Cancer patients in chemotherapy experience taste changes. It’s a lot like living with a burnt tongue. Chef Rebecca Katz taught me that acid, like lemon and lime, give the tongue a little life. I used this tip while coping with taste changes and it works! If you’re healthy, good for you! These little guys are packed with immune boosting vitamin C so they can help keep you on the right path.


Now, let’s get started!

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 10 to 15 minutes


  • Always tenderize the chicken and don’t be shy about it. The more you do, the more juicy the chicken. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did it
  • Warm up the grill before cooking the chicken
  • Cook the chicken on low or medium. Anything higher than this will dry the meat out
  • Consider cooking a lot of chicken at one time so you can use it the next day for lunch or for another family dinner 


  1. Chicken breast tenders (I buy  mine at Trader Joe’s)
  2. 2-3 limes or 1-2 lemons (depending on what’s in you’re refrigerator)
  3. Olive oil
  4. Salt
  5. Pepper
  6. Cilantro (optional)


  1. Forks for poking
  2. Grill
  3. Smoke chips (if you have them)


  • Thaw chicken (in the refrigerator or using the proper setting on your microwave)
  • Tenderize the chicken by poking it with forks
  • Pour or squeeze fresh lime juice all over the tenders (if you don’t have lime, use lemons)
  • Season with salt and pepper
  • Drizzle a little olive oil over the top  (if you don’t have olive oil or you don’t use oils, then don’t do it)
  • Let the chicken sit for about 5 minutes while you’re prepping something else

See how easy that is.

  • When you’re ready, put the chicken on the grill.
  • While it’s cooking get those sides ready and set that table
  • Let the chicken cook for about 5 minutes on each side. (I typically flip it about 3 times. But do whatever you’re comfortable with)


Always cut a piece of chicken down the middle to confirm the chicken is cooked before serving. Better safe, than sorry.


When the chicken is done, I like to squeeze fresh lime juice over the top and throw on some cilantro before serving. You can do the same with lemon if you’d like, just don’t use so much of it, because it’s stronger than lime and the flavor will overpower the chicken and leave everyone with that bitter beer face.

May this find you preparing for a great weekend!

What’s your favorite “fast food” meal? I’d like to hear from you. Also, if you like you what you see here, don’t forget to follow me for more.


This Smart Cycling Helmet Could Save Lives 

It’s Friday July 22, 2016


(Photo by Brooklyness)

One dark summer night on a deserted road, Kenny, an award-winning motorcycle racer, opened the throttle of his motorcycle and rode fast.

What Kenny didn’t know was that about a mile ahead of him was a truck waiting at a stop sign. The tail lights were broken. The night was black. Kenny couldn’t see the stop sign because it wasn’t lit up.

In a flash, Kenny slammed into the back of the truck. He wasn’t wearing a helmet. The life he knew was over. Although Kenny physically survived, he suffered serious brain damage.

And he was aware of it.

One day while visiting him he pointed out pictures of his old life. One picture showed him getting an award surrounded by women. Another was a picture of him competing as a bodybuilder. And another was a picture of him in an ad campaign.

It was hard for him to speak but in a childlike manner he told me he wasn’t wearing a helmet the day he got into the accident. His face had regret written all over it. My eyes teared up as I listened.

I haven’t seen Kenny in years as I have since moved away. But from time-to-time I think about him. His story is a constant reminder to me to choose safety first–always.

It was Kenny that came to mind when I stumbled across the Classon smart cycling helmet on Kickstarter.

I realize bicycles and motorcycles travel at different speeds. But speed wont matter if you’re not wearing a helmet and you hit your head just a little too hard. 

 “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”                                      

The Classon intelligent helmet created by Brooklyness, a Brooklyn-based company, is genius! It’s aimed at preventing bicycle accidents by giving the cyclist the necessary safety tools to navigate the road, to be aware of their surroundings, and to communicate their intentions to motorists.

The Classon is equipped with gesture recognition turn signals (blinkers) in the front and back activated by arm movement. It has two cameras–one in front and one in back–ensuring that you are visible to others. 

The cameras even alert you when a car is in your blind spot. Brake lights automatically turn on when you reduce speed. For an additional fee, you can get GPS guided navigation and the ability to edit and share your video to social media, directly from your helmet.

This helmet could save lives by minimizing the chance of an accident.

Classon specs

The camera can record up to six hours of HD footage. It’s water resistant. Will be available in sizes junior, medium and large. It weighs 1.1 pounds and will be offered in colors black, white, orange, blue and yellow.

It has a battery life of 2.5 hours and takes 1 hour to charge. The helmet is not yet on the market but it is expected to be available in 2017. The price will be $299.00.



Someone Peed in my Cheerios

Piko Face.JPG


Over the weekend our pet tortoise, Pico, went missing. By missing, I allege that someone stole him from our backyard. Very few people knew we had a tortoise. The ones who did know were people we trusted and allowed into and around our home including, hired hands.

Pico was my husbands pet long before I came into the picture. He quickly became my little buddy. I fed him, bathed him (we called it his spa day) and I played with him. Yes, tortoises play.

For Pico, playing meant walking through the sprinklers, following me around and biting at my toes. Some days he would practically stand on his little hind legs just to get a little closer to me. When I was fighting breast cancer he was my distraction. I would spend hours gardening and grooming him.

I can’t believe someone stole him away. Even more disturbing is that they may have done it in the middle of the night. This has been a reminder that we have to be careful with anyone including the so-called paid professionals

While Pico was not a child, he was our child. He relied on his to feed him, wash him and care for him. This story could have been a lot worse. Elizabeth Smart’s abductor and rapist was a handyman prior to kidnapping her. It is a chilling reminder that we need to protect ourselves from even those predators with legitimate businesses.

May this find on a good day. xo, April



The A-List: #HealthyBeauty

Hello gorgeous! It’s Thursday June 2, 2016. WELCOME to my very first edition of The A-List. Here, you’ll find the ‘cream of the crop.’ My major faves. Today I’m featuring some of my favorite good-for-you skincare products. If you have a product you’d like to see on the A-List send me the info and I’ll check it out. Remember, if you like what you see here, share it! And don’t forget to join me in social media. What’s your favorite, chemical-free, skincare must have?

May this find you having a good day. April


Pretty Balm by Root Pretty

Root Pretty lip balm is the best balm I’ve ever met. Before I learned about Pretty Balm (from a friend) my lips were always dry, cracked and peeling with that embarrassing white line around my mouth. While I’ve always struggled with dryness due to allergy and asthma medications, chemotherapy treatments made it worse.

I tried everything I could think of to get rid of the ugly. Natural products and homemade concoctions worked but only temporarily. Desperately seeking a solution I kept going back to chemically charged products. They didn’t do anything but interrupt my peace of mind, because every time I ate or drank something while wearing it, I thought about all of those nasty chemicals I was consuming. But with Root Pretty lip balms (and glosses too!) I don’t have to compromise. My lips look better than they have in a long time and I don’t worry about toxicity.

Tip: I exfoliate with a toothbrush daily and then apply the balm . To make it easy for myself I shower, brush and exfoliate at the same time. If you have to take an extra step, you won’t do it. Just do it all in one shot. P.S. This balm is the last thing I put on before going to bed and the first thing I put on in the morning.

You might want to know. Root Pretty is 100 percent natural and vegan. The lip balm comes in a variety of colors like Scarlett, Punch Love, Paris and Doll Pretty. It’s the perfect gift for the young girl experimenting with makeup. I’m also recommending it for wedding party gifts in an upcoming guide. Pretty Balm price is $8.00.

Root Pretty also has a Gloss (see the above picture)

The Root Pretty gloss is for those days when you wanna up your game. It’s pretty, glossy, smells like baked goods and is chemical free. Root Pretty Gloss price is $16.00.

100 Percent Pure Primer

Primer is something I recently started using. And I am so glad I did! I recommend this product for women struggling with dry skin, aging skin, physical changes including menopause or for women who face harsh weather conditions. Pure offers two types of primer; a mattifying formula that minimizes shine and the luminous one that I use.

Tip: I use this on my hands and neck.

You might want to know. 100 Percent Pure is an organic cosmetics beauty firm focused on providing healthy skin care. It’s completely free of all harmful toxins and is made with the highest quality ingredients. 100 percent natural and 100 percent cruelty-free. All products are 100 percent free of artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemical preservatives and all other toxins. No annoying odors. Smooth consistency. Works great and you can use it following lotions or oils. Luminous Primer costs $35.00. Mattifying Primer costs $36.00.

100 Percent Pure Organic Coffee Bean Eye Creme

This eye cream has a rating of 4.7 stars out of nearly 500 reviews! It targets dark circles and puffiness. It comes in two sizes so you can buy the small one if you’re not sure about it. My husband and I both use it. It smells a little like frosting and it’s so moisturizing you may want to lather yourself in it. If you live near a Pure store you can go in and try it out before buying it. Pure Organic Coffee Bean Eye Creme price $25.00.



Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Natural deodorant is so hard to find. They either don’t work or they aren’t truly as natural as they want you to believe. But this stuff really works. Pictured here is a jar sample I got in a kit. The jar product requires a little more work because the consistency is not very smooth, but, it’s worth the effort. Recently, a friend of mine bought the Schmidt’s deodorant stick and she loves it! I’m feeling like the stick is the way to go. Whatever you settle on, this a good product. Schmidt’s price right now is $8.99. You can save 10 percent using the Spring code “Spring 16”

Tip: Regularly moisturize your underarms with coconut oil. You’ll be surprised by the results.

There’s plenty more on the horizon so keep coming back!


Smile everyone! It’s the weekend! And I can’t think of a better way to ease into it then by slipping on these pretty in pink Top Shop KARTER loafers. 

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Tori Spelling Does Psychic Network  Commercials? 

Apparently she does. Last night while watching TV I stumbled across a Psychic Source commercial starring THE Tori Spelling. Here’s the proof! 

As you can imagine, I was surprised to see Americas little rich girl pushing psychic hotlines for a living. As someone who’s dabbled in acting let me assure you this can only mean one thing, Tori was desperate for work. 

Curious if she made any public remarks about her new gig, I dashed over to her website and sure enough, she did.

I’m super excited to share something special that I’ve been working on lately… as you all know, I love to explore and find the best new psychics, and consider myself a bit of an expert on them. I’ve always had a strong connection to spirit, and have met with countless psychic advisors in my life. When you find a trusted psychic, it’s a truly incredible thing. I can’t begin to tell you how much healing and peace psychics have brought to my life.  

I couldn’t help but wonder why her psychic advisor didn’t warn her Dean was destined to cheat on her? Isn’t future telling part of their schtick? 

Whatever the case, it’s hard to criticize a girl who’s just trying to make her ends meet. At 75 cents a minute though, Tori might just want to consider hanging up her acting hat and take a job as an ‘advisor,’ or just flat out buy the network.

That’s my take!